Piper Longum
Piper Longum
Piper Longum
Piper Longum

Piper Longum

Pippali is a valued spice and helps in enhancing metabolism. It improves digestive and respiratory system and has rejuvenating effect on lungs. It is a very good aphrodisiac and anti aging spice. It is similar to black pepper in terms of taste but the fruit is longer. Pippali also works as a catalyst to potentiate the action of other herbs and drugs. Pippali is beneficial for cold and cough related diseases.

Piper longum as Giant Nutrition: Pippali, the valued spice balances respiration and digestion

Taste and aroma: Spicy and pungent

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Health Benefits/ Nutrition:

  • Lungs: It helps in detoxifying lungs and kidney and cleaning the lymph glands.
  • Respiratory system: Pippali has long been used to treat bronchitis. The consumption of pippali on a regular basis, provides great relief from cough and throat infections.
  • Digestion: Pippali aids in digestion, assimilation and metabolism of food. It helps body in producing digestive juices.

Uses: Pippali is sometimes pickled or soaked in brine and then dried. It is powdered and then used as a condiment in gravys etc.

Forms Offered: Pippali Seeds, Pippali Fruits

Packaging / Private Labeling / OEM:


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